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 In November of 2007, two days after Thanksgiving, my husband of 44yrs went out to our pole barn to do some work on the woodworking shop he was building inside the barn. It was Saturday and not much was happening except for the fact I was expecting a friend for lunch from Indiana. My friend and I had planned to meet in Columbus for lunch and at the last minute, I decided to have her come to the house and have leftovers with us. Little did I know that the Lord was prompting me to stay home for a very special reason.

Lunch was ready and my friend had telephoned to say she would be here in 20 minutes. The table was set and the food ready to serve. I decided to take the dog out while I was on my way to tell Tom to come in and cleanup for lunch. I had my cell phone in my pocket as I left the house. As I walked across the driveway I stopped and returned to the house to get the house phone to take with me. As I approached the barn where Tom had been working, I saw him lying on the cement floor on his back; my first impression was that he was resting his back but suddenly I heard a voice from behind me saying, "PICK HIM UP, PICK HIM UP". My husband was a Primary Physician and I knew you shouldn't move a fallen person. I obeyed the voice which I believe was that of the Lord and picked him up. My husband weighed about 220 lbs. But it seemed as though his weight was nothing. I screamed at him to wake up over and over and finally he opened his eyes and he looked at me and could not speak a word. I held him not knowing he had 12 fractures in his body, a collapsed lung, separated right shoulder and a severe brain injury. He fell from 12 feet above where he had been hanging insulation on the loft floor, balancing on the beams on his knees. He landed on his head with quite an impact. I grabbed for my cell phone but could get no signal in the barn. I remembered I had the house phone with me and I laid Tom back down and ran outside to call 911. When I returned to the barn, Tom had pulled himself up to the leg of a table and sat with his legs wrapped around the leg. I held him there until the squad came. According to the Medics, after counseling me about picking him up, they believed that this probably saved his life. Sometimes our body will function without hesitation in a fashion that it would not function if thought was put into the motion.
The ride to Grant Hospital was a rush to save his life. After the docs examined him they didn't give him much hope for survival but I remembered that same voice that I heard in the barn telling me to pick him up also said "he shall live and not die". I held to that promise through the entire ordeal. Tom was in a coma for about four weeks, hospitalized for 8 1/2 weeks. He had lost the ability to walk and speak. He knew what to do with a fork but didn't know what to call it. He was basically starting out from scratch as a very small child, a toddler.

I was determined to train myself to give him the rehab he needed. Going to rehab was not enough it had to be done every day. He went 2 to 3 times a week but he spent 3 to 4 hrs. A day in our home learning how to speak and communicate again with his children and grandchildren. When he came home he asked me what he did to help me around the house, I tend to be an opportunist, so I told him he made the bed, did the dishes, and folded the laundry. Truth be known, he never did any of those things. I saw this as part of his rehab and he still does them today. Now that he drives, he does all the grocery shopping too.

He has come a long way from those days of uncertainty. He is fully functional with little residual effects from the fall. He had to have brain surgery to remove a blood clot to give the brain some room to heal. You can't even find the scar that went across his head. When the Lord said he would live and not die, I believe that the word 'live' meant that he would have life in abundance. We have that today. He was never able to return to his beloved medical practice and patients but is coping well with life and loving it.

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