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CTE Ministries establishes a presence in Haiti!


After years of patience and prayer, God has blessed our ministry with another opportunity to spread the Gospel.  As many of you know, our main contact in Jamaica, Pastor Sydoine Jeannite, was born and raised in Haiti.  With Pastor Syd's help, we now have a "branch office" in Haiti, near the town of Gonaives.  The actual "town" is called Boucanthomas and you won't see it on any of the maps available in Google (I know; I looked for it and there's nothing!).


Haiti has a dark and troubled history.  Its people have been oppressed by the enemy for so many years and CTE has this awesome opportunity to spread light and hope through God's Word.

With the recent earthquake and more recently, the cholera outbreaks, the people of Haiti need God's Promise of Hope now more than ever.  Here is a typical sight along the road in Gonaives.


Pastor Syd was born in this house far into the hills of Haiti. 


The gracious people of Haiti built this "personal facility" for Betty and me. 


Church service was VERY crowded.  They decorated the church with blue streamers.  You'll never guess what the streamers were made from...

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